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Taggify, Data Management Platform.

Reach your audience.

Taggify processes Billions of queries a day.
We analyze patterns, that later brands will consume to reach those
users matching with desired intentions, behaviours, tastes and more.
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A unique technology to store and analyze data.

Our platform stores data, that later on will be used by our clients.

You can upload your First party data into our platform to be used in your marketing strategy. It will be stored in a Reliable, Fast and Secure Platform.

We understand the importance of Data combined with real-time information. That's why we developed the most comprehensive tool that mix hot data with previously selected clusters, to reach that audience.

Custom Integration

Give us your First-Party-Data. We can integrate Offline to Online. Very easily, Intuitive, custom made.

DMP Integration, 1st & 3rd Party Data.

Audience Segmentation

Basic, intermediate and deep segmentation. Choose audiences from our external partners, and pay by segmentation.

Pay according your segmentation level.

Data Collection

We process 200k QPS from which we analize different user behaviors. That later on can be used for profiling specific user interests.

look-alike audiences modeling, user profiles.

Real Time Data Selection.

The right user in just milliseconds.

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