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Taggify SSP White-label solution, connect your supply through openRTB programmatic.

Be your own SSP

Connect your supply to the programmatic world.
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Fully customizable

An elegant and inuitive panel for your publishers.

We reduced the flow steps for your publishers and your business, letting the programmatic demand ecosystem create as many complex settings as they need.

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What's Behind

Main Management Features.

Best in class Software as a Service solution. We make you focus in your business while we work on technology.

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  • _User Management

    Administrate different user levels: Admin, Publishers & DSPs.

  • _Overall and Granular Business Report

    Check the numbers that matters to you. Split numbers by publishers and DSPs you are connected with.

  • _Automatic email reporting

    Let the publishers define the frequencty report, Daily, Weekly, Monthly.

white-label SSP

It's not just a layout

Taggify comes with its know-how and expertise connecting demand partners through OpenRTB, the Real Time Bidding standard protocol.

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Requests per Second calculator

How many RPS do I need?

In programmatic we have two metrics to measure real time bidding bandwidth.

QPS: Queries per Second, that basically is the amount of total impressions you have per second.

RPS: Requests per Second, is the total amount of requests you will send to different bidders, this is multiplied by how many bidders you will have connected.

Type your amount of monthly impressions
Number of bidders.

Your total RPS are:

According to this, you need the following plan: starter

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Forget about infrastructure costs.

Focus in Business, we give you the tech.

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