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How to promote top car features
and relate it with outdoor context.

Understanding what's going on and show engaging ads.


PHD, the pioneer in Argentina to buy DOOH programmatically. Volkswagen was exited to innovate and promote the launch of new Polo to communicate their revamped features.


The key issue was to understand how to communicate to specific audiences, and show them different creatives according weather, hour of the day and traffic jam.


Taggify platform was the only full-stack solution to connect the brand with selected audiences from Scopesi by using Taggify DSP to buy at the right time and Taggify SSP to offer available spaces coming from screens playlist.


Tech leading argentinean companies united to made this happen: Atacama providing their premium screens in top locations. Scopesi by providing us their audiences hour by hour through API. Herolens Creating the rules to show dynamic creatives according outside context like: Location, Weather, Traffic Jam. No-Spoon by connecting our SSP to Atacama's playlist.

Agency PHD Argentina
Platform Taggify DSP - SSP

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