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Context to gain engagement

Playing with external factors near McCafé's


OMD wanted to bring something special to McDonalds to promote their new Donut's breakfast. The campaign was in winter, so, combination of Cold + Hot Coffe, was the main trigger to catch people's attention.


Main issue for company was to solve the dynamic ads and execute the campaign in the right place at the right time.


With Taggify DSP, we selected all the screens that were nearby a McCafé store. And excecuted the campaign on morning hours. Herolens set the rules to dinamically change the creatives according following external context:
  • Temperature Below 10 Celcious Degrees
  • Week Days between 7am to 11am
  • Weekend Mornings
  • Rainy Days


McDonalds has an innovative way to promote their McCafe with Donuts.

Agency OMD Argentina
Platform Taggify DSP - SSP | Herolens

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