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Johnson’s body lotion user journey.

Targeting women from 18 to 35.


Johnson's chose Cadreon, the programmatic trading desk from IPG to innovate in Outdoor advertising space. They wanted to understand this channel, and get accurate and messurable information and target the right people to make their spent efficient.


They couldn't target their message to women on outdoor because lack of metrics.


Thanks to Taggify DSP and Scopesi audiences for Buenos Aires city. We made possible to target women from 18 to 35 on they working journey. Showing them relevant ads that are triggered according days & hours of the day and weather conditions.


With Taggify DSP, Agency and brand had metrics to understand impacts on street. And they realized that message was directed to Women in a channel that is one-to-many according Brandlift.

Agency Cadreon Argentina
Platform Taggify DSP - SSP & Herolens

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