Real-time Information,
Real-time decisions.

Our proprietary technology made us develop specific tools,
that we learned from our clients feedbak: "We need to see
what's going on". And this was translated into the platforms.
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stats oriented to your goals

Different objetives, different metrics.

We've designed a panel that understand your goals and show you the information you need.

Track your KPIs in real-time: Impressions, Clicks, Conversions, Video Completions, RPM

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Monitor your campaigs on a simple first sight. You can see a spike and determine in seconds what to do and how to act.

Robust Reporting

Proprietary technology specifically designed to provide stats according our needs. Constantly improving thanks to our client's feedback.

Custom made analytics technology.

Granular Breakdown

Your campaigns might have different goals. We help you visualize it, and measure in the most deep level of it.

Domains by, city, hour, devices, and more.

API Support

Consolidate reports into your platform. We provide you all the documentation needed to do a smoothly integration.

API Rest, json formats.

Real Time Data Selection.

The right user in just milliseconds.

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