Re-engage users,
personalize its message.

Collect, Learn, Execute.
Personalize the message of each user
according previous interaction within your product or service.
Start a retargeting campaign.

Make your customers
come back.

Advanced Retargeting

1 on 1 Marketing. Dynamic ads that takes information from users behavior. Then with a Dynamic display creative, you can personalize the message according to what the user was visiting.

A personalized message will impact differently. Re-imagine the creatives, talk with our user in that display space.

How it works:

  1. A user enter in current e-commerce site.
  2. Found a product that looks prety nice.
  3. User personalize the product by choosing another color.
  4. The data is collected in Taggify's retargeting list.
  5. When the user is surfing the web or using an App, we will show a personalized display.

Relevant Ads. To relevant people.

Retargeting rethought.

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