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In Taggify, we’ve developed in-house proprietary technology from scratch, making it unique.


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We encourage you to read the following page and learn more about our targeting solutions, that will help you reach your audience better than others.

Specific Users

Target specific users by IDFA or Fingerprints. You can upload your first-party data to only target desired profiles.

Connected TVs

Target different TVs / OTT by selecting specific models, devices, operating systems.


Target browsers and their versions. Specially to promote installs in desktop or mobile. Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari and others.

Operating Systems

Mac Os X, Windows, Linux and others are available for desktop targeting.

Mobile OS

Such as Android, Blackberry, Windows phone or iOS. Target according your mobile needs.


Want to go hyper-local?. Select from our map a specific area, and you will target all the users surfing the web or apps in that location. Very useful for neighborhood stores.

Mobile Devices

Reach people utilizing specific devices. Imagine you want to target people with the last iPhone 7 plus. You can definitely do it.

Quality Traffic

We protect you, and you can filter by quality traffic. Time on Site, Viewability and more.

Alexa Rank

We've added a very cool feature if you are running RON campaigns, The Alexa Rank: You can target, as an example, domains under the Top 5,000 according to Alexa.

Connection Type

Select Wifi, Broadband or Carrier connection, even better, we've classified all the Internet Service Provider (ISPs) on every country.

Timing Targeting

Select a minimum Average Time on Site you want to target, this proprietary tool helps you removing domains that people spends less than X seconds.


Target by weather according the regions you have chosen. Temperature and Weather Conditions are available.

Secure Traffic

Target only traffic that it's secure (HTTPS).
This is very useful for brands that want to ensure protection and run in a safe environment.
Robust yet lightful platform.

Targeting well done.

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