Transparency is a key factor.

To make a clean industry, we must collaborate.
We are constantly working to get more transparent tools
according client needs.
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A transparent Company

Why we say we are transparent?

We developed an algorithm to detect and analyze domains in real-time.

But main important thing is that we are transparent in pricing. Once you set your Maximum CPM that are willing to pay, you will be able to see the price paid in a {won_price} macro.

One domain can be available from multiple SSPs and Exchanges, inside it can contain multiple publishers, some of them can show a transparent domain, a masked domain or a fake one. We measure this, to avoid future conflicts.

Taggify provides you all the tools to check
transparency, accuracy, eCPMs per publisher, geos, and more.

Transparent Decisions within milliseconds.

Decide to buy or not by transparency.

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